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Welcome to Plann3r

30 seconds is enough to find the perfect moment to schedule a (group-)meeting!

Plann3r step 1 send invite

Use Plann3r or one of our plugins to send an invite to find a moment to meet. 

It only takes 30 seconds and is as easy as sending an email.

How does the magic work?

Plann3r compares your calendar and your invitees' and find the magic moment when everyone is available.

Your invitees will get a personal invite. 

It will take them 30 seconds to respond.

That's not all! Plann3r also tries to minimize the travel-time and takes into account your personal preferences 

Just as a regular secretary would do!


Plann3r plays nice with your existing calendar solutions! It's possible to link your Google, Office  365, iCloud and Exchange calendar.

All of this without losing a bit of privacy. Your invitees will only see the moment that everyone is available.

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