Plann3r automagically finds the perfect moment in everyone's schedule.
No matter the calendar tool or the device you use!
Your meeting is literally just one click away.

Scheduling meetings reinvented

Plann3r finds the perfect moment to meet with business partners, customers, colleagues and even friends!

One Interaction

Only One Interaction

Minimise time wasted on scheduling meetings using Plann3r. Only one interaction is needed to plan a meeting. This way you avoid spending time on several emails and phone calls.

Existing Calendar Data

Existing Calendar Data

No need to manually fill in when you’re available. Plann3r calculates automagically when it’s the best time to meet based on your and your invitees existing calendar data.

Super intelligent

Super intelligent

Our A.I. infused smart-scheduling algorithm will minimise travel-time and take into account your personal preferences. This way we don't only minimise time wasted on planning the meeting but also the time wasted being on the road.

Privacy Proof

Privacy Proof

We care about your privacy. Invitees will only be able to see the perfect moment when all (or most) of you are available.


Plann3r works on all your devices using our webapp!

It works even better if you combine it with our set of plugins! We’ve made free plugins for Gmail and for outlook!

Our plugins will automagically analyze the content of your email to prefill the necessary fields!

Gmail Plugin


Outlook Plugin


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We provide integration in existing systems and custom features on request.
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Smart Scheduling Revolution

Scheduling meetings is usually a very time-consuming task. Anyone, whether being an independent professional, running a small business or being part of a big enterprise, relates to this task as a frustrating one that involves sending tons of emails and making dozens of phone calls.

Stop wasting time on endless manual interactions and join the smart scheduling revolution, start using Plann3r! An efficient, all-in-one and one-in all solution that matches the perfect time with the right people at the best place in only one interaction. Using artificial intelligence, Plann3r scans everyone’s agenda and merges all participants’ calendar data (Exchange, Google Cal, and iCloud) to automagically find the best moment to meet.

Let Plann3r be your personal assistant for scheduling meetings. It is smart, simple and absolutely privacy proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

One to many?

We’ve heard from our customers that it’s easy to plan a meeting when there are only 2 persons involved. The moment you want to plan a meeting with 3 or more people, things get complicated. A lot of mails have to be sent, calls have to be made – it’s just a complete waste of time.

With Plann3r it’s easy to plan a meeting with 3, 5 or even 20 people. The process stays the same. You indicate in which period you want to meet and Plann3r will do the rest. We’ll send meeting-invites to your invitees, match all your agendas and inform everyone about the moment that has been found. Just as a regular personal assistant would do, Plann3r will put your new appointment in your agenda.

Another Tool?

Do I have to install yet another tool to be able to use Plann3r? No! We integrate with the solutions you are using today! First of all we have a web application that you can use on any device you want!

Second, we have learned that our customers don’t want to go to another website or use yet another program. That’s why we came up with plugins for both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. Adding a meeting invite is as simple as adding an attachment to an email!

Outlook plugin

Outlook users can download our plugin here!
Are you using one-click sign-on? Don't forget to request a password here

Gmail plugin

Gmail users can download our plugin in the chrome store or directly via this link
Are you using one-click sign-on? Don't forget to request a password here

Google already has this?

Some companies that run entirely on the Google or Exchange platform are able to schedule meetings internally using tools provided by Google.

Plann3r goes way further. We make it possible for you to plan meetings with people from other companies, no matter the calendar service. All of this without having to give up your privacy.

AI takes over?

For some people losing control on the scheduling process feels a bit strange.
You can think of our AI-powered smart scheduling algorithm as a personal assistant who has insight in your agenda.
Just as a real assistant, Plann3r will suggest the best moment to have that meeting.
Your Plann3r assistant takes into account:

Existing calendar data

Plann3r scans yours and your invitees' calendars to find open spots in everyone's agenda.

Travel time

Plann3r is smart enough to calculate travel times. We don't use generic average travel times, we use the expected travel time for that specific moment.

Minimum waste

Plann3r will try to minimize time wasted on travelling or moving between offices. If, for example, all (or almost all) invitees are in Antwerp on Wednesday and they have available moments that day, Plann3r will pick a moment on Wednesday.


Some users might think it’s impersonal to have a tool schedule meetings with partners, clients, stake-holders…
But not with Plann3r!
If you want to be in complete control, you can compose emails yourself and use one of our plugins to add a meeting invite.

If you can’t or don’t want to take the time to compose an email, you can use our plugins or webapp to send a branded meeting to your invitees.

Branding emails and meeting invite pages is only possible for professional and enterprise users.

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We selected Plann3r (previously Gapp) because of their great idea and strong team for our iMinds accelerator/incubator.

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